Masterclass FACES
Can you paint (a little) Street Street in 3D? Do you practice a lot?
And do you always run into the same challenge: THE FACE ?!

You are not the only one … That is why World Street Painting organizes a MasterClass entirely dedicated to Faces. None other than the Kings of the Faces Adry del Rocio will teach you the intricacies of this specialism during a one-day Masterclass.

For whom?
– You know the basic techniques of 3D Street Painting
– You would like to learn more about making faces
– You have a case; a sketch / design of a face that you would like to work out in 3D.

In Arnhem. Exact location will follow and depends on the weather.

The costs for participating in this high-quality Masterclass are: € 40.

To sign up, send an e-mail to in which you introduce yourself and send a number of photos of the work you have already made.

There is room for a maximum of 10 participants. Full is full.