Gregor Wosik .- Poland

I started to paint as I was a child in Poland. My example was a television series about painting, so on Sunday morning, when my family went to church, I watched television and painted. I was able to sell my first picture at the age of 13, mainly landscapes. Later I made a career as soccer player, and at the age of 30 moved to Germany.

There by accident I visited a city called Geldern, where every year takes place a street painting festival. This was a sensation for me, because all the people were painting in my favorite way, in XXL. So I saw the chance, to use a huge canvas the pavement. And from this on I developed myself as a street painter, was so proud to win the festival in Geldern and then even in Grazie de Courtatone. I can call myself Master of Madonnari. First of course I was a classical 2D copyist. My favorite artist is Rembrandt, and I like to paint in his style. Nowadays we get more and more requests for 3D paintings, for which we sometimes still use chalk. 3D for me is even better in comparison to 2D: first because I can paint bigger and bigger, second, because my eyesight is getting worse, so copying is hard work for me, third, I always used to have too much phantasy for copying, in 3D I can make designs by myself and paint like I want, and forth, I can use one of my strongest talents, the talent for improvisation and surprise the spectators and myself.