Adry del Rocio – Mexico

Work: 2018

Adry initiates her career as a painter being 4 years old by receiving her first prize in an infantile painting contest. Since then, she has accumulated the great sum of 61 prizes, 29 prizes in a local level, 11 prizes in a national level and additionally 21 international level prizes.

With the prizes economic rewards came such as materials to continue developing her painting work as well as scholarships that allowed her strengthening her career and commitment to her great artistic passion, painting.

At the age of 11, she organizes her first individual exhibition, having to current date 52 individual presentations and 90 collectively presented in various cities of Mexico also the United States, Cuba and Spain.

Her approach to street painting is without a doubt her first outstanding participation in the festival in Mexico  2008. Ever since, she has been invited to exhibit her art in many other festivals aroud the world.

2010, she organized in her native city, Guadalajara, the first street painting contest “Colores de Jalisco”. As a director and artist not only did she develop works of exhibition in different points of the city but also she organized workshops and offered  talks about  this ephemeral art as well as reuniting 309 artists who expressed their art on Guadalajara´s floor. Colores de Jalisco was a completely success.

In 2014 she became Maestra Madonnara, the official title in the most traditional streetpainting contest from Italy. Within this beautiful artistic expression, she has obtained 16 prizes in Mexico, Italy, Gernany, Denmark, Holland and England.