Jenny McCracken – Australia

Jenny McCracken has been working professionally as a visual artist since the fourth year of her Fine Art degree at RMIT in 1998. She created her first original work of street art in 1990. From that moment onwards she has held various full-time positions in scenic art and theatre set production companies. For example, from 2006 to 2008 she was the head scenic artist for the ‘Walking with Dinosaurs, The Live Experience’ arena show. The end of this period offered her the space to focus on her own artistic career.

Jenny developed her talent and personal career as a live performance street artist, aware that the only way to gain recognition in her own country was by making a mark internationally. At the moment, she is the most highly decorated street artist as she is the only Australian to have received a medal for the “L’Incontro della Grazia”, the oldest and most famous street art competition in the world.

In 2015, she also won first prize at the World Street Painting Festival. She also has four Australian Champion Pavement Artist titles to her name and a first prize for her only competitive participation in the second-oldest street art competition in Europe, the Geldern Street Painters Competition. She has worked at home and abroad since 1991, with her work involving festivals, events, competitions, commissions and corporate promotions. You can watch her adventure at Grazia in 2012 in the documentary “Chalk: An Australian Perspective”.

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World Street Painting Arnhem 2015