World Street Painting Festival
The World Street Painting Foundation has set itself the goal of making public space more beautiful and bringing art close to people. In addition to the first edition of Climate Street Painting in Zwolle, this year the World Street Painting Festival in Arnhem is being organized for the fifth time. The events are unique in Europe, always in public spaces, the largest international 3D Street Painters are happy to draw and the economic impact on the city and the region is huge.

What is Street Painting

A street painting is a chalk drawing, a work of art, on a sidewalk or square that is made live for you. The creation process and the image are central. Street painting is a perfect way to communicate a theme or art in the city to a wide audience in an accessible way. In 3D street painting you can sit as an audience and be part of the illusion. Photography of people in different poses in the artworks ensures interaction with the art form and surprising photos!

The members of the World Street Painting board are:

Ans Meex – Voorzitter
Femke Hogenbosch – Secretaris
Laurens Vrakking – Algemeen bestuurslid
Robert Derksen – Penningmeester


World Street Painting Festival in Arnhem

World Street Painting Festival is een jaarlijks festival met internationale kunstenaars. Het festival bestaat uit vijf dagen live actie Street Painting en een expositieperiode van 2 maanden op de pleinen in de Binnenstad van Arnhem.

What happens during the festival?

We want to be able to involve the artists in the various stages of their career in our festival. The master and student method was successfully used in the Middle Ages to transfer professional knowledge. The success of this formula lies in the stimulation of the self-learning capacity of people. With this, the festival will take on the role of a production (house) square. In addition to the International Master, 3D and 4D artists, a student class is set up for regional artists, students from the academies and street painters in the making. In addition, the playing field is reinforced with a community class; for everyone who wants to help draw and put art on the street. From amateur to semi-pro. All street paintings are placed next to each other so that cross-pollination occurs and people can learn from each other.

The 6th edition

In recent years, ten thousands of visitors have seen the street painters live. In 2014, 2015 and 2016, the festival has grown into a summer exhibition in the public space. Earlier editions of World Street Painting Festival focused on the theme “Freedom, WWII (2014), Van Gogh (2015), The Olympics (2016), Nature (2017) and in honor of the five-year anniversary in 2018; Celebrate Art. In 2019 the theme is Music.

The World Street Painting Foundation organizes the festival to make the city more beautiful and to bring art, which refers to current events, to all types of people in an accessible way.