It isn’t over yet..!

Once again, the festival was an enormous succes. We enjoyed seeing the artist in action, their work and everyone who has helped turning our city into a giant, colorful masterpiece. We would like to thank you all for your participation in the 2016 editionOur team can’t wait to start the preparations for World Street Painting 2017. 

But it is not over yet. You can still enjoy the artworks until 4 October. Also there are still a lot of fun and creative workshops and activities in which you can participate. Check out the program. We hope to see you soon!

Schermafbeelding 2016-07-12 om 15.23.00

Artists 2016

World Street Painting Festival 2016

Opening World Street Painting EXPO by Olympic boxer Enrico La Cruz

This summer visitors of Arnhem could again enjoy the wonderful street paintings in 3D. The theme of this year’s festival was The Olympics. Twelve famous international 3D painters from all over the world could be seen live the while painting with the best quality paint and pastels from Royal Talens. On Sunday 10 July at 1 pm all the paintings were finished and the exposition oficially opened by olympic boxer Enrico la Cruz. The 22 year old boxer from Huissen will be participating in Rio de Janeiro this summer. Enrico opened the World Street Painting exposition by entering different created 3D worlds. After that, the public was allowed to jump in the paintings and have themselves photographed.

Enrico la Cruz

Enrico la Cruz

The first day the drafts of what were soon to be masterpieces were drawn on the streets. On Wednesday 6 July the first colors could be noticed. After that the paintings magically seemed to be coming to live. Saturday it was time for the finishing touch and on Sunday 10 July the photographers were ready to take pictures of the public in the wonderful colored 3D paintings at  Arnhem central Station, Museum Arnhem, Willemsplein, Bartokplein en het Velperplein. At this moment you can still enjoy the art works until 4 October. Also, you can still participate in a lot of fun and creative activities! Check the program!

“Van Gogh” Do it Yourself Dag

More strongly than last year, we wanted to give the audience a chance to create the magical effect of 3D paintings themselves. On the last day of the festival (Sunday 10 July), everyone was allowed to unleash their creativity with chalk. Children can participate in the programme guided by Funny Farm. Adults were also very welcome help us turn the city into one colorful piece of art! The day and materials were provided by Royal Talens.

Foto World Street Painting Leon Keer

Picture Leon Keer

And the Theme is… The Olympics!
The theme of the first World Street Painting Festival in September 2014 was ‘Freedom, WWII’. Last year we celebrated the 125th anniversary of Vincent van Gogh’s passing. This famous Dutch painter was the inspiration for last year’s festival and all the artists used an aspect of his work, style or technique to honor him such as the mural of Van Gogh by Leon Keer. The theme of 2016 is The Olympics. This year the paintings are related to the Olympics that will be held in Rio the Janeiro this summer.